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Greater Lowell Tech Programming and Web Development has an ongoing relationship with the Middlesex District Attorney's office.  Over the past few years Greater Lowell students have developed the following iPhone apps to support the District Attorney's educational campaigns.

The Safe Sleep for Babies App was developed by students to educate new mothers on the dangers of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).


Healthy Heart Matters was developed by students to provide a resource for teens to identify unhealthy relationship behaviors.


During first quarter of junior year students work in teams to develop a game and website to promote their game.  Throughout the project students divide their work appropriately and maintain a project plan. Below are some examples of finished games.


Our Latest project is the Greater Lowell Tech Augmented Reality app.  When completed this app will allow students and families to view a video of our technical programs by pointing the camera of your phone at at image representing each shop.

Student Digital Portfolios

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